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Heritage Bankers


Here. For Everyday Banking & Big Decisions.

Whether you’re setting up a checking account, applying for a loan, saving for the future or buying a home, our bankers offer the same caliber of advice they give family and friends. Your finances are personal, so we offer personalized attention.

Retail Banking Leadership

Bankers - Greg Young

Greg Young
SVP, Head of Retail

NMLS # 806693

1818 Florence Pike
Burlington, KY 41005

Phone: (859) 334-8272
Fax: (859) 586-9240

Greg didn’t always intend to become a banker, but his aptitude for numbers and people skills caught the attention of his grandparents’ banker.

"Their banker sat me down and explained how rewarding it is to help people from your own community with lending and investing. I’m forever grateful for that talk and for the chance to have impacted the lives of people I’ve known since childhood as well as transplants just discovering why Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is such a great place to plant roots."

Branch Managers

Bankers - Neal Brown

Neal Brown
AVP, Walton Towne Center Branch Manager

NMLS # 434363

235 Mary Grubbs Hwy
Walton, KY 41094

Phone: (859) 485-4500
Fax: (859) 485-4501

Heritage Bank knew Neal would be a good fit as soon as they learned about the Make A Difference Award another bank had given him for going above and beyond. His customer was returning to the area after a move he quickly regretted. Disabled with virtually no family or support network, the customer was vulnerable and in need of some extra consideration until he got back on his feet. Luckily, Neal was his banker.

While some bankers measure success by production, Neal measures success by the lives he has changed for the better.

Bankers - Rhonda Bowling

Rhonda Bowling
AVP, Mason Branch Manager

NMLS # 782778

6310 Tylersville Road
Mason, Ohio 45040

Phone: (513) 486-3451
Fax: (513) 486-3613

Rhonda’s customers describe her as approachable and kind. One of her most successful business customers once told her what a relief it was to know he could come to her with questions about loans, lines of credit and other necessary tools to run his business and never feel embarrassed or intimidated as he had with other bankers. He trusts Rhonda’s banking knowledge and commitment to his success so much, he has recommended several family members and friends to her over the years. Building customer relationships and helping them reach their financial goals is the part of her job Rhonda enjoys most.

Bankers - Ruben Campos

Ruben Campos
AVP, Ft. Wright Branch Manager

NMLS # 1160073

1911 Dixie Highway
Ft. Wright, KY 41011

Phone: (859) 344-9205
Fax: (859) 344-6599

Many of our bankers have called Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky home for most of their lives. Ruben, who spent his early years in Belize and Mexico, chose to make his home here. After relocating to join his wife in her hometown, Ruben had a chance encounter with a bank manager who thought a bilingual guy with innate customer skills might make a good banker.

The manager eventually learned Ruben has a talent for numbers, and Ruben discovered the local Hispanic community needed bankers who understand their dialects and cultures. Today, Ruben has a built a large following of customers who entrust him with their banking needs.

Bankers - Steve Ellis


Steve Ellis
AVP, Florence Branch Manager

NMLS # 460492

7434 U.S. 42 Hwy
Florence, KY 41042

Phone: (859) 371-2900

Fax: (859) 344-9218

Steve landed his first job in banking as a teller in high school because the branch manager thought he had the right personality and smile to succeed. Today, he feels blessed to have a job where he can solve his customers’ financial dilemmas while nurturing the careers of up and coming community bankers.

Steve’s influence can be felt through his proteges working across Heritage Bank. And when he’s not in banker mode, he plays lead guitar and harmonica in a rock band. He’s released an album of original music.

Bankers - Jack Fields

Jack Fields
AVP, Alexandria Branch Manager

NMLS # 470548

7953 Alexandria Pike
Alexandria, KY 41001

Phone: (859) 635-1234
Fax: (859) 635-7777

Jack is lifelong resident of Campbell County. When he accepted a part-time teller position, Jack had no intentions of making banking his career. But once he saw first-hand how bankers touch people’s lives, he knew he had found his calling. When he joined Heritage Bank, he knew he had come home.

“We’re not confined to ‘one size fits all’ solutions. We customize solutions to the unique needs of our customers. As a community bank, it’s our mission to build up the community one customer at a time.”

Bankers - Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher
AVP, Falmouth Branch Manager

NMLS # 962800

1057 Ridgeway Avenue 
Falmouth, KY 41040

Phone: (859) 654-2073
Fax: (859) 654-2076

Ask Michelle what she does for a living, and she’ll tell you she’s a part-time cattle farmer and an “accidental banker.” Years ago, she was a new college graduate opening an account at a local bank when a personal banker offered to forward her resume to the bank’s recruiter. Today, she can’t imagine not being a banker. And neither can her customers.

“A lovely couple I worked with in a different community tracked me to Heritage Bank. They said they wanted to work with me even if it meant switching banks.”

Bankers - Christina Gonzales

Christina Gonzales
AVP, Latonia Branch Manager

NMLS # 1442991

3600 Decoursey Avenue
Latonia, KY 41015

Phone: (859) 415-0545
Fax: (859) 415-0546

Christina once saved a customer $250,000 by stopping a fraudulent international wire. It impressed upon her the importance banks play in protecting customers’ finances. It also impressed the client. When she moved to Heritage Bank, it turned out the customer also had accounts with her new branch. The customer remembered her and went out of his way to tell her manager how Christina had saved his business from a huge financial blow.

Bankers - Darin Hart

Darin Hart
AVP, Butler Branch Manager

NMLS # 759136

10499 Hwy. 27
Corner of Lock Road and US 27
Butler, KY 41006

Phone: (859) 472-7231
Fax: (859) 472-2310

Local community theater fans sometimes recognize Darin from his comedic roles in local productions, but his most loyal fans are the customers familiar with his banking talent. Some of his neighbors know him as DJ Hartbeatz whose mobile DJ business infuses life into local parties, but Darin’s bank customers appreciate the impact of his banking counsel on their financial lives.

It’s not every day you meet a banker who can reprise his favorite theatrical role on request, speak knowledgeably about the current hip hop and pop scenes, or calculate your anticipated interest savings over the next 15 years by repricing your mortgage loan. Then again, a community banker should be versatile.

Bankers - Kristie Henry

Kristie Henry
AVP, Williamstown Branch Manager

NMLS # 460489

229 South Main Street
Williamstown, KY 41097

Phone: (859) 428-7511
Fax: (859) 428-7517

Kristie started her banking career while still in high school. Her supervisor then is her customer today. Now a veteran of the banking industry, Kristie still treasures the small moments when she can have a lasting impact on a customer’s life – from opening a child’s first savings account to securing financing for the construction of someone’s forever home, or helping with a car loan.

Speaking of cars, Kristie’s other passion is her first car – a 1966 Ford Mustang still sitting in her garage. A true Ford Family, Kristie’s father owns a 1965 model, and her sister treasures a 1967 Mustang.

Bankers - Jodi King

Jodi King
AVP, Union Branch Manager

NMLS #  1283150

8751 U.S. 42 Hwy
Union, KY 41091

Phone: (859) 384-5290
Fax: (859) 384-5291

A 30-year veteran of the financial industry, Jodi has found fulfillment at Heritage Bank. She thoroughly enjoys her colleagues and is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in her customers’ lives. Jodi’s colleagues and customers appreciate her listening skills and high customer service standards.

“Working for a faith-based bank is a breath of fresh air. We’re expected to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.”

Bankers - Patti Kinman

Patti Kinman
AVP, Burlington Branch Manager

NMLS # 434245

1818 Florence Pike
Burlington, KY 41005

Phone: (859) 586-9200
Fax: (859) 586-9240

Patti’s banking career allows her to live out her passion for helping people every day. Whether it’s assisting with a big financial decision or just taking the time to check in with customers about their families, her customers know she wants what is in their best interest.

Patti worked at larger banks earlier in her career, but always kept her eye open for an opportunity to join Heritage Bank. She was convinced her passion for service would flourish in a faith-based bank, and her customers can attest she was correct.

Bill Means

Bill Means 
AVP, Crescent Springs Branch Manager

NMLS # 434245

612 Buttermilk Pike
Crescent Springs, KY 41017

Phone: (859) 344-9208

Fax: (859) 344-9218

Bill’s first foray into banking was as a  teller job in college. He quickly realized he loved the face-to-face interaction with customers. Throughout his career, Bill has relished the rewards and challenges of working in an industry essential to individuals and businesses, always adapting to changes in technology and shifts in the economy. Bill is motivated to help customers discover their financial independence and security.

When Bill is not in the office, he’s enjoying the natural beauty of this region. An Eagle Scout, Bill is the founding Boys Scout Master of a troop based out of a local church.

Bankers - Joni Nevin

Joni Nevitt
AVP, Erlanger Branch Manager

NMLS # 807755

456 Commonwealth Ave.
Erlanger, KY 41018

Phone: (859) 342-0920
Fax: (859) 342-0925

Whether it’s helping college graduates apply for their first loans, working with people through financial struggles, helping a small business launch or steering established businesses ready to grow to the next level, Joni’s banking career has given her a purpose beyond conventional career success. She finds joy in her customers’ success.

When she isn’t taking care of customers, Joni is an avid hiker and world traveler who has covered hundreds of miles on foot and collected more than her share of adventures.

Bankers - Katie Norman

Katie Norman
AVP, Independence Branch Manager

NMLS # 460529

2040 Declaration Drive
Independence, KY 41051

Phone: (859) 363-4830
Fax: (859) 363-4827

Katie knows first-hand how a great manager can inspire someone’s best work. She credits her first manager for the desire to build a career in banking. Today, she is committed to bringing out the best in her team, and her customers have noticed.

Throughout her career, Katie has embraced innovation without losing sight of how much customers crave personal interaction in the digital age. Although new to the bank, she is impressed by how well Heritage Bank balances the long-term benefits of relational banking with the convenience and efficiency of digital banking. 

Bankers - Paula Stamper

Paula Stamper
AVP, Dry Ridge Branch Manager

NMLS # 807758

48 Broadway Street
Dry Ridge, KY 41035

Phone: (859) 824-0240
Fax: (859) 824-0241

Paula started her 32-year banking career as a high school co-op at a community bank in Grant County. For years, she loved serving local customers and working in various departments. She even opened a branch in Dry Ridge.

Then the bank was sold and emphasis on community and customers suffered. When Heritage Bank bought the lot next door to her branch and broke ground, Paula thought it might be a sign. After speaking with Heritage Bank leaders about the bank’s Christian values, its commitment to customer service and how much employees are appreciated, she knew she had found her new banking home.

Bankers - Joshua Stevens

Joshua Stevens
AVP, Montgomery Branch Manager

NMLS # 605218

9749 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: (513) 538-6320
Fax: (513) 538-6321

Joshua’s lifelong interest in finance and money management sparked his interest in a banking career. Yet, it’s his soft skills loyal customers appreciate most.

Joshua listens to customers talk about their banking needs, vacation plans, business aspirations or grandchildren with interest. He prioritizes time with customers whether they call ahead for an appointment or drop by unexpectedly. Josh aims to know his customers as whole people so he can confidently recommend the products and services they need now and anticipate how the bank can help in the future.

Bankers - Katie Stith

Katie Stith
AVP, Cold Spring Branch Manager

NMLS # 1061884

4929 Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076

Phone: (859) 572-9207
Fax: (859) 572-9217

Katie considers herself blessed to be building a career helping her neighbors reach their financial goals and building up the community where she is raising her family. After learning everything she could as a part-time teller in college and working her way up at a couple of national banks, Katie realized she felt more at home at a community bank where customers are neighbors and employees are valued by senior management. The support she feels at work translates into the experience her Cold Spring customers enjoy.

Bankers - Liz Werrmann

Liz Werrmann
AVP, Newport Branch Manager

NMLS # 421744

647 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071

Phone: (859) 261-2430
Fax: (859) 261-2545

Liz has completed four Tough Mudder competitions. Imagine what it’s like to have a banker with so much grit, fearlessness and competitive spirit. Imagine the hurdles she clears and the obstacles she removes for her Heritage Bank customers.

After 19 years in banking, Liz knows when you go above and beyond on a regular basis, it becomes a habit. And when going above and beyond is a habit, customers notice. Liz is newer to Heritage Bank than many of her colleagues, but she is rooted in Newport, the community where she built her career.

Bankers - Joy Wilson

Joy Wilson
AVP, Hebron Branch Manager

NMLS # 460484

2101 Medical Arts Drive
Hebron, KY 41048

Phone: (859) 689-2900
Fax: (859) 334-6962

Joy’s attitude of gratitude wins over new customers, long-time customers accustomed to the best from Heritage Bank and her colleagues. Because she loves her job, her customers treasure Joy.

One customer told her, “I don’t know what I would do if you were not my banker” and another called the head of retail banking to let him know that with Joy’s help, moving his accounts to Heritage Bank in the midst of the pandemic was seamless. Joy proves great customer service starts with coming to work with a happy heart.

 Mortgage Loan Officers 

Paul Sharp

Paul Sharp 
Mortgage Loan Officer 

NMLS # 771359

6310 Tylersville Road
Mason, Ohio 45040

Phone: (513) 673-6136

Paul, a University of Cincinnati graduate, has been a mortgage loan officer in the region for more than 20 years. He always wanted to make a living while also building up area neighborhoods. According to Paul, the best part of his job is making customers feel as if securing the home right for them at this life stage is as important to him as it is to them.

Buyers don’t always realize how important it is to work with someone with strong listening skills when first exploring home financing, but they certainly remember that Paul made them feel heard. Listening to customers and guiding them through financing or refinancing a range of real estate, from starter homes to vacation retreats, has equipped Paul for any mortgage challenge.

Charlie Vallandingham

Charlie Vallandingham
Mortgage Loan Officer 

NMLS # 461007

612 Buttermilk Pike
Crescent Springs, KY 41017

Phone: (859) 801-6968

Charlie is a native of Boone County, familiar with Greater Cincinnati favorites like the Reds, Graeters and the region’s unique chili preferences as well as the varied neighborhoods that accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and life stages. After completing bachelor's and master's degrees from Thomas Moore University, he found his niche in mortgage lending. Today, he offers more than 10 years of experience to home buyers. Charlie enjoys stewarding customers through every step of what is likely to be one of the largest financial decisions of their lives. He finds it satisfying to help someone purchase their first home or finally move into the home they’ve worked many years to afford.

Hanging out with buyers, realtors and builders has exposed Charlie to more home design possibilities than a long weekend of binging HGTV. His dream house would feature a large pool, plenty of inside and outside entertainment space, a chef’s kitchen and a huge garage.

David Vu

David Vu 
VP, Head of Mortgage Lending 

NMLS # 706247

8199 Dream St
Florence, KY 41042

Phone: (859) 445-3591


David loves to cook and entertain, so an open concept kitchen is a must for any house his family calls home. He is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and has honed his mortgage lending expertise over 15 years in the industry. To say David knows the lay of the land is an understatement. There are few neighborhood real estate scenes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky unfamiliar to David. But what sets him apart is his connection to his customers. He not only knows them by name, he knows their dogs’ names by closing.

First-time homebuyers, empty nesters and buyers in the market for their dream home all appreciate David’s thorough knowledge of the home financing process as well as his knack for infusing humor and excitement into what could otherwise be a nerve-wracking experience. David is also a champion for new products to better serve our local market. Over a few months, David helped develop mortgage products for specific unmet needs at opposite ends of the market – buyers whose credit disqualified them from conventional lending products and buyers who needed a jumbo loan in order to finance a luxury home. Providing customers options goes beyond presenting what’s currently possible.

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