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Personal Banking 


 Blog - Audiobooks

June is National Audiobook Month. Our Recs Are Worth Checking Out Year Around.


Blog - Elder Abuse 

Protect the Seniors in Your Circle Against Financial Fraud


 Blog - HELOC in KY

How Our Customers Use Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)


 Blog - Mom's Wisdom

Mom's Money Wisdom: Time-Tested Tips That Still Hold True Today 


Blog - Saving is a Marathon 

Saving for Life’s Milestones: Why it’s a Marathon, not a Sprint.


Blog - Fit & Frugal

Fit and Frugal: How to Get Fit Without Going Broke


Blog - Mastering Debt Reduction 

Mastering Debt Reduction: 6 Key Strategies to Financial Freedom 


Blog - Maximizing Your Tax Return

Maximizing Your Tax Return: Smart Ways to Get More Out of This Windfall


Blog - Romance Scams

Love Online Can Be Costly If You Lose Your Head


Blog - Quishing

Protect Yourself Against Quishing


Blog - Federal Holidays 

Why Banks Are Closed on Federal Holidays & What That Means for Your Banking


Blog - Money Management Tips to Share with Your College Student 

 Money Management Tips to Share with Your College Student


Blog - Cosigning a Mortgage 

 Cosigning a Mortgage: What to Expect


Blog - Is it safe to use debit card online 

 Is It Safe to Use Your Debit Card Online?


Blog - Protecting Yourself Against Fraud on Vacation 

 Protecting Yourself Against Financial Fraud on Vacation: 8 Essential Tips


Blog - Preparing Kid for College 

 Preparing to Send Your Son or Daughter Off to College? Consider These Banking Tips for College Students


Blog - Personal Loans 

 Personal Loans: Pros, Cons & How to Apply


Blog - Welcome Home 2023 

 Welcome Home Program Helps Low to Moderate Income People with Home Down Payments & Closing Costs


Blog - Pet Adoption 

 Before Adopting a Furry Friend, Make Sure You’ve Set a Budget


Blog - Graduation Season 

 Why Young People Should Consider Banking Like Their Grandparents


Blog - Smishing 

 What is Smishing?


Blog - The many ways to pay 

 The Many Ways to Pay


Gift Card Scam Blog 

 Beware of Gift Card Scams


Safeguard against holiday credit card fraud blog 

 7 Ways to Safeguard Yourself Against Debit & Credit Card Fraud This Holiday Season


IRA Blog 

 Can I Open an IRA If I Have a 401k?


Avoiding Cyber Fraud 

 7 Tips for Avoiding Cyber Fraud


Medicare and Health Insurance Scams 

 Medicare and Health Insurance Scams


Is a Hacker on Your Wi-Fi? 

 Is a Hacker on Your Wi-Fi?


Social Media Fraud 

 Social Media Fraud: 7 Ways to Protect Yourself


Online Life Risk of Fraud 

 Is Your Online Life Putting You at Risk of Fraud?


Online Privacy 

 10 Tips to Keep Credit Cards Under Control


Credit Card 

 8 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy


Tax Scams 

 Timely Tips for Recognizing Tax Scams


Credit Score 

 Understanding Your Credit Score



 Is It Your Bank? Or Is It a Scam?


Yes you can save money 

 Yes, You Can Start Saving Money!


Short Term Loans 

 Short-Term Loans, Long-Term Problems


Charity Scams 

 The Charity Scam


Grandparent Scam 

 The Grandparent Scam


Personal Tile Deposit Box 

 Are Safe Deposit Boxes Worth It?

 Personal Tile Fraud

 COVID 19 Fuels 43% Spike In Financial Fraud






Personal Tile Bank local

 Why Is Banking Local Better?


Keys Mortgage

Types of Mortgage Loans & Rates



Tips For Managing

Your Finances 

Personal Tile Deposit Box 

 Ready To Build Your Dream Home? 

Personal Tile Deposit Box 

6 Benefits of Heritage Bank's Mobile App

Personal Tile Deposit Box

Mortgage Refinance Process

Blog Online Bank

How to Protect Your Online Bank Account


Credit Card Blog

Does Your Credit Report Contain Errors?

Business Banking 


 Blog - Business Email Compromise

Don’t Let Business Email Compromise Cripple Your Business


 Blog - Business - Check Washing

Businesses Are Prime Targets of Check Washing Thieves: Take Steps to Protect Your Deposits


Blog - 7 Benefits of Listening to a Business Podcast

Unleashing Potential: 7 Benefits Listening to a Podcast Can Have on Your Business


Blog - Opening a Business Account

Opening a Business Bank Account:
5 Essential Steps to Getting Started


Blog - Stressed About Getting Paid

Stressed About Getting Paid or Paying
Your Vendors On Time?


Blog - Guide to SBA Loans

A Guide to SBA Loans & Preferred Lenders


Blog- Best Practices

Best Practices for Keeping Business and Personal Expenses Separate


Blog - Prevent Commercial Fraud 2023

Preventing Commercial Fraud in 2023


The Future of Small Business Is Community Banking Blog

The Future of Small Business is Community Banking


Business Blog Tile small

What Is a Small Business Line of Credit

[And How Does It Work]?


Business Blog Tile small

How Do I Qualify for a Small Business Loan? 


Business Blog Tile small

Why Small Businesses Count on Community Banks 


Business Blog Tile small

6 End-Year Tips For Small Business Customers


Business Blog Tile small

What Are Treasury Management Services [And How Can They Support Your Business]?



Do I Need a Business Credit Card? Do I Need a Credit Card That Better Fits My Business?


Business Blog Tile small

Simplify Your Business Expense Report


Business Blog Tile small

Helping Veterans Navigate SBA Applications


Business Blog Tile small

New SBA Changes to Fees


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