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Heritage Bank Is Where Entrepreneurs Turn To Soar

In Greater Cincinnati and the Miami Valley

We’re new to parts of the Miami Valley, but our bankers are not. We don’t venture into a new market until we have the right leadership with deep local roots. Darin Winterbotham, our Miami Valley Executive, is a lifelong resident of the area who built his 25-year banking career close to home. We asked him to lead our launch into greater Dayton and Darin agreed because he believes in our mission and our values sync.

Our Miami Valley Executive

Darin Winterbotham

Darin Winterbotham is one of the Miami Valley’s most seasoned bankers and a lifelong booster of his hometown. He’s the sort of banker eager to learn how your business operates and understand your industry’s dynamics.

He loves to step out onto the shop floor to see how the machinery operates and the products are made as much he loves analyzing loans. Maybe that’s why he identifies so strongly with entrepreneurs.

Reach out to say hello or schedule time to talk business with your local high energy ideator and strategist.

10 Reasons To Consider Banking With Heritage

1. Inspired By Entrepreneurs.

Our founders were business starters and community innovators. Today, our bankers are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that drives people to build something themselves. It’s a thrill to help a multi-generational company adjust to a new economy.

2. Independent By Design.

An independent bank can focus on building long-term customer relationships rather than meeting short-term financial targets.

3. Local Decision Makers.

Our decision makers are local. Every banker you work with is one call or text away from someone who has the final word.

 4.  Products Expected From a National Bank. Service Only We Can Deliver.

Small businesses need more from their banks than loans and deposit accounts. You need a banking partner with a full portfolio of top-notch cash management services and digital solutions.

5. Experienced & Empowered Bankers.

Our bankers have a lot of experience sizing up business opportunities and business people, so we don’t surrender all the decision making to an algorithm. 

6. Coordinated Customer Experience.

Whether you need a rapid response, are looking for an out-of-the-box solution or rely on our cash management services, Heritage Bankers are backed by a cross functional team incented to work together rather than focus on department targets.

 7. Nimble & Efficient.

In 2020, Heritage Bank processed more PPP loans than any other locally-owned, independent bank in Cincinnati. It’s just one example of how quickly the bank can respond – to our entire commercial customer base.

8. Culture, Culture, Culture.

Our award-winning culture ensures employees are united under our mission and feel appreciated for all they do for our customers.

9. Committed to Prosperity Close to Home.

Dayton is where flight was born and a town where an entrepreneurs’ aspirations can take wing. Some people may mistake this part of the region as “flyover country,” but we know better. Our region is a great place to build a livelihood and a life.

10. Growth Driven By Customer Referrals.

For the first 28 years of our journey, Heritage Bank really didn’t do much marketing. We grew into one of greater Cincinnati’s top 10 banks, in large part, through customer referrals. When was the last time you referred your bank to a friend or neighbor?




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