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Treasury Management Services

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Automated Clearing House (ACH) allows business clients to control the company's payments and receivables by electronic funds transfer. Heritage Bank will work with you to quickly and efficiently process single and recurring payments and transmit payroll direct deposits and other disbursements.

Lockbox Collections

Looking to speed up your collection time?  Have your accounts receivable payments mailed directly to our Heritage Bank post office box for faster and more efficient posting.  We will post all payments, credit your accounts same day and remit valuable invoice information back to you for processing, including copy of the invoice, envelope, copy of check and all information contained in the payment envelope.

Positive Pay

This monitoring service helps in combating fraudulent activity by matching checks your business has issued against transactions posted to the deposit account. Positive Pay requires an electronic file of issued checks be presented to the Bank so that exception items can be identified quickly and sent back to your business for further examination.

Remote Deposit / Merchant Capture

Remote Deposit allows business clients to scan checks into a desktop scanner connected to your computer.   After scanning checks, a file is created and submitted through a safe internet portal for deposit into your account directly.  It's the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash and maximize your business' true potential.


Need to get money to a vendor the same day?  We have the ability to send domestic wires so your beneficiary receives funds on the same day.  We also have the ability to send wires internationally to foreign clients or vendors.  These transfers take 5-10 business days depending on the location.