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The Heritage Bank/Chris Caddell Scholarship Program for Local Entrepreneurs 


Expanding The Best of Entrepreneur Training To New Talent Pools

Heritage Bank is teaming up with OCEAN Programs, a Cincinnati-based business accelerator, to expand access to a proven entrepreneur training program to talent pools currently underrepresented in the local business community.

OCEAN Programs 

OCEAN has created programming for thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the region in recent years.

The Genesis Program.

Combining business training, mentorship, inspiration and coaching tailored to the students’ needs over eight weeks, The Genesis Program has produced more than 200 graduates since 2017.

Today, more than 85 percent of those graduates’ businesses have launched or expanded, and 90 percent of those ventures remain in business.

The Heritage Bank/Chris Caddell Scholarship Program for Local Entrepreneurs

Heritage Bank is launching the Heritage Bank/Chris Caddell Scholarship Fund with a $30,000 matching grant. 

OCEAN is reaching out to local business organizations and businesspeople for matching grants of $1,000 each, and we are working with organizations and influencers throughout the region to get the word out about this opportunity.

 "Heritage Bank will also be available to discuss financing needs and business banking services customers use to reduce operating costs, improve accuracy, save time and manage cash flow so where they bank in the future, they understand the role banks play in business.

"Economies that offer opportunity to a wide range of talented, passionate people are the economies that flourish most long term.

"Our board of directors and senior management team is eager to see the fruit of our investment throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky over the next 30 years.”

H. David Wallace, Esq.                                                                                            Heritage Bank CEO and Chairman.

How to Register for Scholarships

Scholarship Community Partners 

Contact one of our community partners to learn more about the application process. We will update the list of community partners over the next several weeks, so bookmark this page to stay up-to-date.

You can also apply directly on the OCEAN programs website. Eligibility criteria apply. 

Apply Now

How to Become A Matching Donor

Want to help extend the impact of Heritage Bank’s financial support? Contact Ocean Programs about becoming a matching donor.




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