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Heritage Bank is mourning the sudden passing of Chris Caddell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Even in our sorrow, we are strengthened by his faith and inspired by his example.


In just two years at the helm of the bank, Chris cast a vision bold enough to light our path for the next decade.

  • He expanded the bank’s footprint to Williamstown, Kentucky as well as to Mason and Montgomery, Ohio.
  • Chris embraced technology to improve customer experience but understood nothing could replace the personal attention of experienced bankers.
  • He championed the expansion of Treasury Management services as well as consumer products.
  • When the region’s long-time, leading television news anchor retired, Chris recruited Rob Braun to become the bank’s first official spokesperson.
  • He negotiated naming rights for the Heritage Bank Center, the region’s largest venue for entertainment and professional hockey located in the heart of the region.

“The day I watched a banner with the Heritage Bank logo unroll over the roof of the newly christened Heritage Bank Center, I swelled with pride,” said Lee Scheben, Heritage Bank President and 25-year employee. “Chris’ father founded Heritage Bank 30 years ago, and today it is one of the region’s top banks. Chris inspired the bank to rethink what was possible as we continued to grow and prosper.”


Entrusted with A Legacy

A graduate of Baylor University, Chris was on a Fortune 500 management track when he seized the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with his father, Arnold Caddell, at Heritage Bank. In order to learn banking from the ground up, Chris started as a teller and worked in various departments.
Chris always aspired to follow in the footsteps of Arnold, one of Northern Kentucky’s most respected entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Although a uniquely gifted leader in his own right, Arnold’s influence on Chris was evident to everyone fortunate enough to know both men. When his father retired unexpectedly, Chris was ready to step into his shoes.
“Chris was the bridge between the bank’s roots and its future,” said Scheben. “He was also determined the bank remain independent and locally owned.”


Guided by Faith

Like his father, Chris was a man of deep and abiding faith. Arnold always said, “If you do the right thing, good things will follow.” Chris took his advice to heart.
Early in his banking career, Chris and his wife, Eleni, started a nonprofit to help the neediest in our region. As chairman, Chris not only supported local nonprofits and the Kentucky 4-H Foundation, he often inspired Christians with good intentions to dream bigger. He donated generously and encouraged his employees to take time from their work to volunteer.


Champion of the Bank’s Unique Culture

Chris was dedicated to preserving the bank’s culture, defined as a family-like environment where employees were supported in times of struggle and crisis. He encouraged teamwork and believed relationships were key to creating unity across functional areas and geography.
As the bank grew and prospered, Chris believed in sharing the proceeds of success with employees, founding a profit-sharing program. Whether it was crossing the $1 billion mark in assets or commemorating the bank’s 30th anniversary, Chris always sought ways to celebrate with and give credit back to bank employees.
Employees were inspired by Chris’ servant leadership. He personified the values that defined a culture that has been named a Top Workplace by Cincinnati Enquirer for several years.


Dedicated to Family

In addition to leading a bank with a family-like culture, Chris treasured the family he built with his high school sweetheart. He delighted in his children and grandchildren. He was proud of his brother’s charitable work in the community. He honored his parent’s devotion to one another.


In these uncertain times, Chris Caddell’s spirit, example and inspiration sustain us. More than ever, the community needs a bank locally owned and operated. It is our honor to carry on Arnold and Chris Caddell’s legacy.
Jeremiah 29:11